Arrosticini Night

Wednesday 14th October  - from 6 to 9pm

 Arrosticini are small lamb skewers made for special occasions (such as festivals, parties, picnics etc) in the Italian region of Abruzzo and they are normally accompanied by a good flow of the local wine, Montepulciano.

In Vinarius we want to recreate the convivial atmosphere of the Abruzzese nights where people share arrosticini and wine and - most importantly - have a good time.


Pallotte Cacio e Uova, peperoni e Uova all Sugo

Pallotte are Abruzzo speciality (kind of meat ball but with eggs and cheese) served with bell peppers and fried egg in a rich tomato sauce.

Arrosticini, Bruschetta, Ciambotto.

Lamb skewers, tomato bruschetta and mix vegetable stew


Pizza Doce

 Typical Abruzzo sponge cake rich in cream and soaked with liquors.

Please book your place as soon as possible because there will be only seven tables available.

Tickets £29 pp,  booking essential. You can buy the tickets online or you can visit at the shop or call us at 02033020123.