Pinot Noir Wine Tasting

Thursday 27th April at 7pm

Pinot Noir is consider one of the most important grape variety in the world. It is responsible for the red Burgundy, it is the principal red grape variety for Champagne and it has now being planted around the world especially in area with calcareous soil and relatively cool climates where it thrives. In America became an instant hit thanks to the 2004 film Sideways.

Often light in colour and tannin, difficult to grow and to vinify, Pinot Noir is consider a "picky" grape variety but can produce outstanding and charming, subtle but long ageing reds. 

Join our Grand Wine Tasting and enjoy eight different Pinot Noirs: from the classic and elegant  Burgundy wines, the austere German version, to the fruity and full-bodied style of the "new world" (New Zealand) and the mountainous  area of Italy.

Booking essential. You can buy the tickets online or visit us directly at the shop or call us on 020 3302 0123.