Sparkling Red Wine Tasting

Wednesday 11 July at 7:00 pm

In the UK the reputation of sparkling red wine has always been of an uninteresting, cheep, sweet product. Following the revival of the Lambrusco from its place of origin (Emilia Romagna and Bologna in particular), more and more sparkling reds are proudly offered by the producers to a niche of sparkling wine lovers around the world.

The new style is a quite concentrated, dry, complex, slightly sparkling and versatile red wine that you can chill a bit in the summer and enjoy with a variety of food. We are going to taste six different reds, including three Lambruscos - the king of the Sparkling red - and other wines from Italy as well as Portugal.


Wines on Tastings:

1) "Ca Musa" Barbera Frizzante - Gianni Doglia

2) "Casassa" Bonarda Frizzante - Luigi Boveri

3) "Phermento" Lambrusco Metodo Ancestrale - Medici Ermete

4) "I Quercioli" Lambrusco Grasparossa - Medici Ermete

5) "Concerto" Lambrusco Reggiano - Medici Ermete

6) Vinho Verde Tinto Espumante - Solar de Merufe