Red Wines to drink chilled - Tasting

Wednesday 19 June at 7pm

For red wines lovers there are plenty of options of light-to-medium reds that you can actually drink slightly chilled in the summer.

We are going to taste a selection of different styles of wines (organic, vegan, sparkling etc.) and talk about the producers, tasting notes and characteristics but also the service temperature and the best way to enjoy them in the hot season

Wines on tasting:

Frappato - Tenuta Bastonaca (Organic)

Grignolino - Gianni Doglia (Vegan)

Cabernet Franc - Galileo (Organic, Vegan)

Bonarda - Luigi Boveri (Sparkling)

Lambrusco Ancestrale - Medici Ermete (Sparkling, Natural)

Lambrusco di Sorbara - Medici Ermete (Sparkling)

Pinot Noir - Molin Gassac

Valpolicella Classico - David Sterza


Booking essential. You can buy the tickets online or visit us directly at the shop or call us on 020 3302 0123.