Truffle & Champagne Sunday Lunch

Sunday 29th October - 2pm

Four courses + complimentary glass of Champagne: £45

Four courses + complimentary glass of Champagne + Champagne Tasting: £60 

About the Chef:

Sophie Downer has worked in prestigious London restaurants for at least ten years, The River Café in Hammersmith and The Anchor and Hope in Waterloo amongst them, which influenced and inspired her greatly. 

About the Event:

October mark the start of the Truffle season and we want to celebrate the flavours of autumn with two of the finest products on the market, using the skills and the experience of Chef Sophie. Truffle is the diamond ingredient for any gastronomy while Champagne is....well...Champagne!!

Sample Menu:
Oysters*   - Wine Pairing: Complimentary Glass of Champagne Brut Lasseaux (100 ml)
Carne cruda all'Albeisa* (Tartare Steak) con tartufo nero and Champagne Jelly - Wine Pairing: Champagne Rose' Lasseaux
Risotto Bianco marinated and cooked with Champagne and Black Truffle. Wine Pairing: Champagne Vintage Lasseaux
Tarte aux Pommes et aux Truffes. Wine Pairing: Ratafia de Champagne

To match the food with wine we want to give you as many options as possible:
• Wine pairing of two tasting of Champagne (2 x 70 ml) and one glass of Ratafia (50ml)
• By the glass
• By bottle to share with only £5 corkage fee.

*Vegetarian Option Available, please let us know when you book

No service charge - Vinarius doesn't add automaticly the 12.5% service charge on your bill.