Aglianico Sannio - Il Poggio

In Vinarius we always had a crush for the Aglianico wines for the concentrations, the intensity and the firm tannins it can express. Aglianico is a high quality grape and it is considered (together with Sangiovese and Nebbiolo) one of the three greatest Italian red varieties and it is responsible for outstanding, tannic, age-worthy, full-bodied reds. That's why his nickname "Barolo of the South". Here we have a great example from one of the best region in Campania.

A deep coloured, full-bodied, well structured red with an kind of articulate tannin - not too soft nor too rough - with coffee, spiced black plum and black cherry aromas. Serious and friendly at the same time that can go very well with any red meat dish but also enjoyable on its own. A tremendous long finish.