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As independent Wine Merchant our praxis is to source exceptional wines from small wineries, brave viticulturalists and rare grape varieties making them accessible to all our customers, also offering our products and services to selected off-trade and on-trade establishments.


As a traditional enoteca we serve wine by the glass and delicious food. Our menu is simple but packed with the finest ingredients from Italian and French artisan producers. With a friendly and convivial atmosphere Vinarius is the ideal place for wine tastings & supper clubs, aperitifs or for a light meal.

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Authentic Wines Manifesto

Authentic Wines Manifesto

“Authentic ” is a buzzword that has been circulating in the wine business for a certain amount of time, even before the 2011when the book Authentic Wine was published. But, what is in reality an “authentic wine”? First of all the wine has to be made from excellent and genuine grapes...

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Volcanic Wines

Volcanic Wines

Volcanoes have tantalise human being since primordial time: their eruptions can destroy and create landscape, frighten observers and sometime even modify our climate, but Volcanic soils are full of nutrients (minerals in particular) and are usually very dark in colour, both of which help the vine to bear rich, concentrated grapes....

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Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Lake Garda (Italian: Lago di Garda) is not only the biggest lake in Italy but also a beautiful and very popular holiday destination for thousands of people every year. Although is located on the northern part of the Italian peninsula, halfway between the two cities of Verona and Brescia, lake...

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What our customers say

Second to none

I cannot for the life of me name a place or time in my life, where looking for a good wine was better than my experiences at Vinarius. It's my local wine shop/restaurant with quite a local crowd that attends on a regular basis. Ben from London

Perfect place for a romantic date”Reviewed 19 June 2016

My partner and I have been here a few times and it's one of our favourite spots in East London! Delicious wine at a fair price and delicious food :)