Bespoke Wine Tastings

Our bespoke wine tastings are a great way to gather friends and/or family, have fun and learn more about wines. Perfect for Birthday or Christmas Parties or... just something to look forward to after work with your colleagues.

You can choose between three  packages*:


BRONZE : A selection of six high quality wines & tutored wine tasting + nibbles (Olives, tarallucci, prosciutto piccante) for £20pp

SILVER: A selection fo 6 high quality wines & tutored wine tasting + nibbles + antipasti (a selection of artisan cured meats and cheeses, arancini & crocchette) for £29.95 pp

GOLD: A selection of 6 high quality and fine wines with tutored wine tasting. The selection will include outstanding and famous appellation such as Amarone , Barolo, Chateauneuf-du-Pape etc.). Each of the wine will be paired with 6 exclusive dishes such as: Oysters, Fagottino Etna, Cornetti Bresaola e Rucola, Lasagna, Arrosticini and Tiramisù. £70pp


There will be at least 60ml for each featuring wine and the final selection will be decided according to the number of people and their preferences. We can also  make alternative arrangements for the food for  any particular request (Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.)

Once you book you will be contacted by one of our staff member to book the date and the time for your tasting and to discuss your wine preferences and any food requirements. For any further information please call us on 20233020123 or email at store@vinarius,london.

* one package only for wine tasting, terms and conditions apply.