Italian wine VS French wine

Wednesday 1st May at 7 pm

Italian wine or French wine, which is best?

The never-ending challenge between these two countries, which have more than 2000 autochthon grape varieties and thousands of years of tradition, will write a new chapter at Vinarius with you choosing who is the best. Three challenges, six wines, and only one winner!

Match schedule

White wines:

Cortese - Gianni Doglia (Italy)    VS    Bourgogne Aligoté - Domaine Claude Nouveau

Sparkling wines:

Nautilus Cru Storico 206 - Alex Berlingheri (Italy) VS Champagne "Pole Position" - Vincent Lasseaux (France)

Red wines:

Barbera d'Asti Superiore "Il Genio" - Gianni Doglia (Italy) VS Maranges Premier Cru - Domaine Claude Nouveau (France)


You will be the jury and vote for a winner for each match. The country who wins two matches takes the title!


 Tickets £30pp,  booking essential. You can buy the tickets online or you can visit at the shop or call us at 02033020123.