Grumello Buonconsiglio 2016 - Arpepe
At 350 metres above sea level, this dramatic fifty-year-old vineyard sits directly above the family’s cantina, which is artfully carved into the granite bedrock. After a long maceration with the skins, the grapes are pressed to large chestnut casks for a long, gentle élevage lasting four years. This is a beautiful example of mature mountain Nebbiolo, with sweet, delicate fruit, fine tannins and a wonderful herbaceous note.

A vertical, profoundly mineral take on Nebbiolo. Grapes are taken from vines over fifty years old planted in the rocky upper reaches of the Sassella cru, some 400-550 metres above sea level. ‘Sassella’ in the local dialect means rock, and this is the part of the valley where the terraces are at their steepest and shallowest. The wine spends four months on its skins in tini and a year in old acacia and chestnut botti before bottling. A vertical, profoundly mineral take on Nebbiolo.