Malbec Bodega Privada -  RPB (Red)

 The Bodegas Privada Single Varietal Malbec is a testament to the renowned Malbec grape's potential in Argentina's esteemed Mendoza region. This deeply coloured red wine boasts a captivating bouquet and a flavour profile that lingers on the palate long after the last sip.

On the nose, the Bodegas Privada Single Varietal Malbec unfolds with an explosion of ripe dark fruits. Think blackberries, cassis, and black cherries, interwoven with enticing hints of vanilla. This initial burst is further complemented by subtle oaky notes, hinting at a touch of refinement. The overall impression is one of luxuriance and depth, inviting the drinker to delve deeper.

The first sip of the Bodegas Privada Single Varietal Malbec reveals a wine that is both rich and complex. The initial fruit flavours from the nose translate beautifully, joined by hints of plum and spice. The tannins are firm yet well-integrated, providing a pleasant structure without overwhelming the palate. A refreshing burst of acidity keeps the wine lively and balanced, ensuring a truly engaging drinking experience. The finish is long and persistent, leaving the drinker with a lingering impression of ripe fruit and subtle oak.