Portuguese wine VS Romanian wine

Wednesday 19th June at 7 pm

Portuguese wine versus Romanian wine, which is best?

Our jury of wine lovers will answer this question here at Vinarius, after an epic match. Three challenges, six wines, and only one winner!

Match schedule

Dao Adega de Penalva (Portugal)   VS    Nomad sauvignon Blanc (Romania) 

Morgadio da Calcada (Portugal)   VS  Nomad Pinot Noir (Romania)

Anfora de baco (Portugal)   VS  Feteasca Neagra (Romania)


You will be the jury and vote for a winner for each match. The country that wins two matches takes the title!


 Tickets £30pp,  booking essential. You can buy the tickets online or you can visit at the shop or call us at 02033020123.