"Rosso Macello" - Cantina del disordine

The Malatesta of Cantina del Disordine is a macerated wine obtained from 100% white grapes, left to macerate for about 20 days. It then refines for 7 months in fibreglass. It is a surprising, incisive and multifaceted wine.


Cantina del disordine is a young reality located in Cautano, in the province of Benevento. Born from a project by Davide Picariello: passionate about natural wine and always on the lookout for new forms of food, wine and social freedom. Davide cultivates native vines of the area, such as Greco and Aglianico. In the cellar, the grapes ferment spontaneously in prolonged contact with the skins, with no clarification or stabilization, no filtration and no addition of sulphites, neither in the vinification phase nor in the bottling phase. 2 wines produced: the Malatesta and Rosso Macello, wines that are never banal and always represent the terroir.