"Turrunpiso" - Canlibero (Red, Natural)

Turrumpiso, whose name comes from the cru from which the wine is obtained, is a natural wine nectar, deep crimson in color, born out of Aglianico vines of over 50 years of age. Only minimal treatments are used in the vineyard, in the form of sulphur, copper and biodynamic mixes. Fermentation is proudly wild and consummated in open vats, with elevage of 12 months in steel and a few more in the bottle, with no demeaning fining, filtration or added SO2. A true territorial and uncompromising Aglianico, concentrated yet crazily fresh and vertical: mysterious and dark spices over runes of morello cherry, chinotto and appleberries with Smith & Cross rum, forest floor, and cassis.