Veneto Sunday Lunch
Veneto Sunday Lunch Veneto Sunday Lunch

Sunday 19 November at 2pm or Sunday 26 November at 2pm

Three generous courses + complimentary glass of Prosecco: £31 pp

This month we are going to explore the gastronomy of the northeastern Italian region of Veneto  with three crucial ingredients which are deeply rooted in its tradition and history: Stockfish, Radicchio and Recioto wine.

The love affair between people from Veneto and stockfish started in the winter of 1432 when the sailing captain Pietro Querini and his merchant ship encountered a terrible storm just off the coast of France. They were drifted far across the North Sea and shipwrecked and stranded in the Norwegian island of Røst. Only after many weeks of starvation, fatigue and awful cold he and his remaining crew were finally saved by local fishermens and they spend almost three months in Røst with the inhabitants.   After this dramatic incident Pietro Querini returned to Venice and started the trade between Italy and Norway, introducing stockfish in the Veneto cuisine.

Radicchio is a cultivated form of leaf chicory, that has been uses in Veneto for thousands of years. With a very characteristic and vibrant colour, a slightly bitter tasting and a crunchy texture, makes it an ideal and versatile ingredient for many traditional dishes.

 Recioto is the benchmark of the Italian sweet, red wines made from dried grapes, a technique still used on the eastern part of the Mediterranean and imported in the north of Italy by the Venetians. Recioto is considered one of the finest sweet wines and it is often used in local dishes or dessert especially with chocolate fondant. 


Raici e Fasioi - Borlotti Beans Soup served with Radicchio Salad 

Wine Pairing: "Il Rosa" Spumante rosato - Sommariva


 Baccala' alla Vicentina* con crostini di polenta - Stockfish cooked according to the traditional recipe from Vicenza and served with grilled polenta.

 Wine Pairing: Lugana DOC - Cascina Albarone

Tortino al Cioccolato con cuore fondente e Recioto.

Wine Pairing: Recioto Classico della Valpolicella - David Sterza


To match the food with wine we want to give you as many options as possible:
• Wine pairing of three tasting of wine (2x70 ml + 1x40ml) for £10.00
• By the glass
• By bottle to share with only £5 corkage fee.

 Booking essential. You can buy the tickets online or visit us directly at the shop or call us on 020 3302 0123.

*Vegetarian Option Available, please let us know when you book

No service charge - Vinarius doesn't add automaticly the 12.5% service charge on your bill.