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David Sterza
We are very proud of our long lasting collaboration with viiticulturist David Sterza from whom we have been importing directly since 2012.
His vineyards are situated in the small town of Fumane (a few miles North of Verona) inside the "Classico" area of Valpolicella considered one of the best spot for quality wines in Europe.
David is a reserved person but his wines speak plenty!
His Valpolicella is not the bland product you normally find in supermarkets, it is actually a light but rich in flavours, incredibly well crafted wine. The awards winning  Ripasso is simply an  outstanding red while his restrained but bold interpretation of Amarone does not allow for over indulging with sweetness making it an elegant and incredible full-bodied wine to have on its own as well as with food. 
Also try the Corvina, a modern and straight version of Amarone (without the "appassimento" technique) therefore more focussed on freshness.