Vinarius is the latin word for vintner - a wine hub for wine lovers in East London.


Bottling is a very delicate and important step in the winemaking process and it requires expertise and lots of attention. After the wine has settled and before its final journey to the bottle and through hours of mixing and tasting, winemakers prepare  the different blends, while in the cellar bottling preparation are carried out. The most important technical objective during the bottling operation is to preserve the wine from the oxidation as long as possible.

Contrary to big, industrial scale producers that bottle practically everyday - small, independent wine producers bottle once per year, normally in spring time and some of them use (especially biodynamic and organic) the lunar calendar to choose the ideal date according with the style of wine they want to make.

This is also the moment where new vintages are released and presented to the public and - as some of you have notice in the shop - we are now waiting for the new bottled wine to arrive from some of our favourite producers.