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Real Chianti: Forget the Flask and the Chiantishire

The focus this March is on the Chianti wine producing region. The appellation is probably one of the most well known among  Italian wines but very few people actually know the various and distinctive quality wines and grape varieties, together with the gastronomy that come from this beautiful, rural area in Tuscany.
UK in fact, is one of the smallest market between the western countries and the name Chianti is often associated with the low quality wine that historically came in the original "fiasco" (a squat bottle with the characteristic straw basket) or as holiday destination for the upperclass British citizen, therefore the nickname "Chiantishire". Fortunately Chianti is much more than this.

As usual there will be two separate events:  one concentrating on the wines, especially those from the Chianti Classico  and the ones we import directly, and a second event covering the typical cuisine from the Chianti region