Vinarius is the latin word for vintner - a wine hub for wine lovers in East London.

The New Age of Corkage
If we exclude the BYO unlicensed restaurants, Vinarius was probably the first to introduce the corkage system in East London. With only £5 corkage we open and serve our customers, on the premises, any bottle bought in our large retail wine selection (£1 for the beers). This makes it one of the more affordable way to appreciate a bottle of quality wine compare to any other drink establishment in London. Let's see some practical examples:
  • Entry Level price. A bottle of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2016 in any high street chain restaurant will cost you around £22. In Vinarius a bottle of Vicenne Montepulciano d'Abruzzo costs £9.95 retail plus £5 corkage if you want to drink it in, for a total of £14.95.
  • Medium-priced. A nice, quality bottle of Valpolicella Ripasso in an independent Restaurants and/or Wine Bar costs around £40. In Vinarius the award winner Valpolicella Classico Ripasso from David Sterza costs £17.95 + £5.00 for a total of £22.95.
  • High-priced. A bottle of any Burgundy red 1er Cru in a fine dining restaurant will cost you well over £80. Our Santenay 1er Cru Grand Clos Rousseau costs £29 retai plus £5 corkage for a total of £34. 
At Vinarius we think that outstanding wines, famous appellation and iconic producers should not be only for affluent people and a flat fee such as the corkage is a very effective way of saving money, particular for medium to high price range products.